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Information On Fiddlers Creek Naples Nearby Schools And Activities Currently Available

There are so many different places that you can live in Naples. One of the best is Fiddlers Creek. It’s a country club, a place where people live because they will have access to excellent golf courses and other amenities. It is located very close to the Gulf, and if you are into water sports such as boating, fishing, or even scuba diving, this is one of the best places you can be. It’s also a wonderful place to raise your children because of all of the different activities and schools that are in the area. Below areĀ schools and information for activities in Fiddlers Creek.

Why Families Like Fiddlers Creek

One of the primary reasons that people enjoy this location is because of the vast number of homes and neighborhoods that are available. It’s south of Naples, but close enough to schools where kids can get a proper education yet still have all of the activities that are available for people that move to Naples because of the weather and proximity to the water. There are over a thousand residences and just about 4000 acres of land where kids can run around and have fun. They can take advantage of places to go bike riding, running, and of course, there are all of the water-based activities that kids will enjoy as well.

What Are The Schools In The Area?

There are a couple of high schools and elementary schools that you can take your kids to. There is Parkside Elementary School, Avalon Elementary School, and also Beacon High School which is highly recommended. There are private schools that are also available, and you can also homeschool if that’s what you prefer. This is something that many people would prefer that their kids do for an education.

Activities That Kids Can Do Around Fiddlers Creek

Activities, in general, will include an incredible number of places to go bike riding. Kids can also play in parks, take snorkeling and SCUBA diving lessons, and can also learn how to fish. There will also be nature expeditions, places that they can go to learn about the local flora and fauna. There are trips they can take down the waterways, and on the lakes, all of which will be educational and fun. If you are going to raise your kids in an area where they can learn about nature, and also experience the beautiful weather, there is no better place in Naples than the Fiddlers Creek area.

What Can Adults Look Forward To?

Kids can play, have fun and learn, but adults will also be very excited to live in this region of Naples. Not only do you get access to the 18 hole golf courses, designed by Arthur Hills, but you also have the country club and all of the other amenities. After you have paid the $50,000 for the full golf membership, you can call and set your tee time anytime that you want. There are currently less than 400 members, and this means that playing golf on your schedule is going to be very easy to do because of the exclusivity of the golf courses at this resort.

Amenities And Activities For Adults

Just as there are activities for kids, there are also activities for adults. The places that you can go will include the clubhouse, playing tennis, and also go on excursions into the more naturalistic areas of the resort. You can also go to private beaches that may be included with your membership, and go on boating trips out on the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you decide to take a raft on the waterways, or simply take walks or bike rides throughout the resort, you will have so much available for you, regardless of your age.

Fiddlers Creek in Naples is a beautiful and enormous community. With over a thousand homes to choose from and thousands more that are slated to be built shortly, it is a place that is ever-growing. Best of all, if you are moving there for the purpose of providing your kids with the best possible upbringing, it is a location that offers excellent schools and activities that will keep them preoccupied every day in this beautiful area of Naples.

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